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Not sure if an asset belongs to you or do you think an asset has gone missing? Whatever your situation is regarding searching for assets our highly skilled and experienced asset tracing team at Private Investigator Liverpool can help you find out the truth behind what you own and what is rightfully yours or what you are entitled to.

Many people use the services of a private investigation service to locate missing assets or even assets that have been deliberately hidden such as in a divorce case or after the death of a relative. With the help of our professional and greatly trained private detectives investigators we can find the real truth behind any situation.

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Private Investigator Liverpool were contacted by a woman who was in the process of divorcing her husband, and she wanted to know if we could help her with a particular problem. She was entitled to a financial settlement in case of divorce, and she suspected that her husband was holding out on her by hiding assets to which she was partially entitled to. A former client of ours had recommended her to us, and she asked Private Investigator Liverpool if we could have a look into it, discover the possible assets, provide solid proof, so she could proceed with turning in her divorce papers knowing that her husband had no choice but to honour their agreement.

Asset Location in Liverpool

After assessing the situation and taking into account all of the information that the client presented us with, our Liverpool private detective were able come up with a possible solution that would lead to a satisfactory outcome. We suggested to her that we could trace her husband's assets in order to determine if he was in fact lying to her. She was told that this is a very common practice in our line of work and that we have solved numerous cases similar to hers in the past, to satisfaction of both sides. She listened to what our private eye had to say, and after short deliberation, seeing as she was content with what we suggested, decided on hiring us for the job. On our part, we clearly laid out the financial cost and the conditions under which the investigation would be carried out. After presenting our terms, we quickly came to an agreement, as the client has no objection to our proposal, and we could move on to the next part of the job: planning and executing.

After carrying out our detailed plan, we found that the client's husband was indeed hiding assets from his wife, a large amount at that. Our private investigators in Liverpool UK discovered this by tracing the assets though public domain, internet databases, and social network sites. We also looked into the joint account he and our client had, and found numerous transactions that directed a considerable amount of money to his own bank account. Once we were sure that we had gathered all the necessary evidence and facts, we arranged for a meeting with our client, so we could present to her what turned up during our investigation. The client came into our office the next day and she was presented with the evidence our investigation was able to provide. She looked over the financial records we printed out for her, which proved without a doubt that her husband was setting up to cheat her out the agreement in case she divorced him. Although disappointed by the fact that her husband was lying to her, she was happy that we could support her suspicions with hard evidence she could use in court. She called her lawyer, telling him to continue with the divorce process, as she would bring him the documents we provided. She held up her end of the deal and the contract ended. She promised to recommend our private investigation company to anyone who might have a problem that was similar to hers, which did happen a few weeks later, when she referred one of her friends to us.

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