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Do you really know the people you have hired can do the job you hired them for? Have you employed people in the past that just can't do what they say they can for the money they want? This is a common problem in this day and age in business. Are you really too busy to make the proper checks because you perceive it to be a waste of time or even too time consuming?

Our corporate investigations at Private Investigator Liverpool will help you to employ the correct applicants for the job in the first instance. Our private investigators can conduct company investigations by thoroughly checking through CV's and references to detect any little white lies that may cause your company big trouble later on in the employment.

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Liverpool Corporate Investigations

The offices of Private Investigator Liverpool got a visit from a vice-president of a local company who was interested in our services. He sat down and explained to us the situation that had to be dealt with. His company, among other things does a lot of work that involves working with customers directly, so it's imperative that the customers are treated with respect and that they given the right information. However, it had come to his attention that one of the staff members was being rude and disrespectful to customers that come into their company, as well as other members of staff. As none of the customers or staff members had any evidence to back these claims up, our client decided to come to hire private investigator services to see if there's anything we can do to help.

Corporate Investigations in Liverpool

After he finished presenting his case, we informed him that the best course of action for this type of problem would be to install a recording device which could record the staff member's conversation with customers that come into their offices. We assured him it was nothing out of the ordinary and that it is the usual practice for this type of cases. We also presented him with costs of such an investigation and our conditions. He took a minute to think about it, and after taking into account every aspect, he decided on hiring our private investigation services and gave us the go ahead. After our meeting was over, we started laying out the plan of the investigation, which we would put into action soon. It was decided that our client would meet with us in his company after hours, so we could install the devices and avoid any suspicion. Needless to say, the staff member who we were investigating didn't know anything about it. Our Private Investigator Liverpool installed the devices successfully and left. Over the course of the next few days, the staff member's conversations were recorded, and those recordings confirmed the suspicions of our client. The staff member was indeed rude and disrespectful to customers, which cost the company financially, seeing as they would sign with another company that provided the same type of services. When the co-workers pointed that out to staff member and told him that he should mind his manners in the workplace, he would get into an argument with them.

Our Liverpool investigators and the client listened to all the recordings and went through the parts which interested our client the most. After this meeting we arranged another meeting with him a few days later. When we met a second time, we presented him with evidence, proving without a doubt that the problematic staff member was disrespectful to customers. He was satisfied with our private investigation services, and decided on firing the problematic worker. Since we did a good job, he decided on hiring us again, to provide solutions to problems in other sectors of his company, in which it was suspected that some of the employees were stealing office supplies. We arranged for another meeting, at which the client would present us with more detailed account of the situation.

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