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Fraud is intentional deception for personal gain which is most popularly for money, property or valuables but can also be to gain a better position in life. The offenders of this crime will also target your identity which will allow them to make large amounts of purchases online which you will be responsible for paying for.

At Private Investigator Liverpool our private investigators work hard for individuals and companies to investigate any suspicions of fraudulent acts being committed. Our understanding Liverpool detectives use a myriad of investigation methods to ensure that any criminal activity is discovered and the people responsible are reported to the police.

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Liverpool Fraud Investigations

One of the cases Private Investigator Liverpool had involved investigating a potential fraud. A client had come to our private investigator business and presented us with his problem. He was a member of the local council, and they suspected that a number of people that were receiving benefits were committing fraud. More over, they suspected that they were working together, taking advantage of the local council and getting benefits that would be better suited for the people who actually needed them. The client said that in order to receive benefits, one has to have some form of disability or sickness in order to be eligible for financial help. He asked us if our private detectives could help him in any way, since he had no other options and knew very little about how these problems could be solved. He had nobody else to turn to, as this was unfamiliar territory for him.

Fraud Investigations in Liverpool

In our consultation our private investigators took into account everything he had to say, and explained to him how these investigations are usually carried out. The best course of action in cases like this would be to put potential fraudsters under surveillance, and their movements and whereabouts would be tracked by our investigators. The client felt a bit uneasy as everything we told him resembled something out of a crime novel. But, we quickly assured him that that sort of practice was normal in our line of work and that it was the best method of obtaining hard evidence. That seemed to calm him down a bit, and he asked about the cost of the investigation if he were to hire us. We presented him with our conditions, along with the costs. The client took a moment, and after establishing that the costs fit his budget, we quickly came to an agreement. He left, and we started moving on to the next stage: planning.

Our investigators, using a list of potential suspects, tracked their whereabouts during the course of several days. It turned out that the councilman's suspicions were justified. Several people faked their illness in order to receive benefits, while they were perfectly healthy. It turns out that they've done so for years, they knew each other well, and worked as a team, taking advantage of the council. Once our private detective agency had enough information and all of the offenders captured on photographs and video. We looked over the footage, extracting the most important parts which proved the fraud without a doubt, along with the offender's identities. After carefully sorting it, we decided it was time to call our client and arrange another meeting. The next day, our Private Investigator Liverpool met with the client and he was presented with the evidence our private investigators were able to provide. After he viewed the surveillance footage, he was shocked at first, but also glad that the problems the council faced for years were finally over. He thanked us for our services, kept his end of the deal and we parted ways. He reported the fraudsters to the authorities, and armed with the evidence we provided him with, he was also able to return some of the money they stole from the council.

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