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Private Investigator Liverpool offer polygraph testing or lie detector testing by their certified and professional examiners. Booking a Liverpool lie detector test is easy, just contact our friendly and understanding private detectives in Liverpool and they will give you all the help and advice that you need.

There are many reasons to have a lie detector test and here at Private Investigator Liverpool our Liverpool lie detector service is second to none. You may wish to be examined yourself, if someone has wrongly accused you or you might be looking for a test as you suspect your spouse or partner of cheating.

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Liverpool Lie Detector Test

A client had come to us at Private Investigator Liverpool seeking our services for polygraphs. He wanted to know if we would be able to help him with a specific problem he had. The problem was a bit unusual to say the least. Our potential client was accused by a third party of something he hasn't done and requested a lie detector test in order to prove his innocence. He was bothered by the accusations and wanted to clear his name beyond any shadow of doubt, and he was interested if we would be able to provide such a service for him. Our Private Investigator Liverpool listened to what he had to say, and presented our suggestion to him.

Lie Detector Test in Liverpool

He was assured that Private Investigator Liverpool would handle this in the most professional way possible, and that we would help him prove his innocence, and to clear his name of something he hasn't done. Our highly skilled examiner private detective let him in on the process of taking a lie detector test, and let him know that we are experienced in performing tasks like this one, and that he shouldn't worry. The client was told that what we're about to do in his case was the best course of action, and that we performed them routinely. We encouraged him to ask us any questions, and to seek information. He was also presented with our terms and financial aspects of the test. He was eager to get the whole thing over with as soon as possible, so he accepted our terms immediately and asked how soon we could set up the test. Seeing as the matter was urgent, our Liverpool investigators arranged a meeting for him and the third party who was wrongfully accusing him of something he didn't do. We told him that we would set up a meeting for the next day, during which the lie detector test would be carried out. Our investigators have a background in law enforcement, and they are more than qualified to perform such tests. He was content with the entire arrangement and couldn't wait for it all to be over.

The next day, our client and the party who was accusing him came into our office at Private Investigator Liverpool, and we hooked up our client to a lie detector, where we asked him a series of controlled questions, followed by the specific questions regarding the matter of the case. After the test was completed, and after analyzing the test scores, we were able to determine that our client's innocence was still intact and that the third party, who was present during the entire questioning, was wrongfully accusing him. Our private eye explained how we were able to do this, and both our client and the third party were satisfied with the outcome. Our client was happy and thanked us for helping him clear his name. We dealt with the financial side of things, and the client left, hoping he wouldn't need our services again, but also said that he would gladly refer anyone to us who requested similar services. And already, several days later, a friend of his got in touch with us, wanting to know if we could help him with a problem he had.

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