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Has your partner been acting strangely lately? Do you think they could be seeing someone else but you don't know how to prove it? Using the matrimonial services of a private detective like Private Investigator Liverpool will give you an understanding and professional matrimonial investigation that will provide you with the answers.

It is an upsetting time when you think that your partner could be cheating on you but you need to find the answers so you can move on. It may be that your suspicions are totally unfounded and your lover has been acting strangely for other reasons. However your suspicions could be true and you need the proof to confront them. Liverpool matrimonial investigation services could provide this proof.

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Liverpool Matrimonial Investigations

A woman had come to us at Private Investigator Liverpool to gain information about our services. She had a problem that we were possibly able to solve. During a meeting in our office, she presented our private detective with her predicament. She started suspecting that her husband was cheating on her with another woman, as he barely spent any time with her anymore. According to her, he spent most of his time at his athletics club, and she thought it was just a cover, and that he was seeing another woman. It had occurred to her that we might be able to help by following him to see where goes after he leaves home. She was desperate and she contacted us hoping that we would provide her with some undisputable evidence about her husband's whereabouts outside their home.

Matrimonial Investigations in Liverpool

After our private investigator service reviewed the case, taking into account everything she had to say, and all the information the client gave us, we decided that we would be able to help her. She was told by our private investigator that our private investigation company would put her husband under surveillance when he was supposed to be going to the club, and that our investigators would track his location constantly. We also presented her with the conditions under which the investigation would be carried out, and the costs involved. She was pleased with our offer and she accepted right away. After agreeing to terms so quickly, it took us very little time to move onto planning the private investigation.

Our private investigator started following her husband after he left work. He ran a few errands and spent quite some time talking to someone over the phone, before he headed home. Later that day, he left home with our Private Investigator Liverpool following him. However, when he made his first stop, it wasn't at the athletics club, but in front of the house, which he entered like it was his own. We waited for a couple of hours until he finally came out, escorted by a woman. Their demeanour left no doubt that they were romantically involved. Of course, we captured this entire situation on video and still images. Our private detective in Liverpool also checked with the staff of the athletics club. It turned out that our client's husband is a member, but hasn't visited the club for months now. That was more that enough information that we could take back to our client. Our investigators went over the entire evidence material, sorting it out carefully. We then arranged a meeting with our client, as we didn't want to discuss such a delicate matter over the phone. She came in the next day. We showed her the indisputable evidence that her husband was indeed having an affair with another woman and we also presented her with video and photographic proof of his actions. She was hurt, hoping that her fears were unjustified, but she thanked our kind and professional staff for helping her gather facts she could use. She decided on divorcing her husband and the evidence our investigation turned up would be used in court in needed. She promised to refer anyone that might need our services, as she was very pleased with our handling of her case.

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