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Surveillance services at Private Investigator Liverpool can provide evidence of a cheating partner, find out where an estranged spouse is living and can prove if someone really is off sick or is fraudulently claiming sick pay or benefits. Our skilled and talented private detectives can expertly follow someone to see what they are doing and where they are going.

Surveillance services at Private Investigator Liverpool are usually carried out by two of our professional private investigators. However, this is not always the case as we can offer a team of as many men is needed for whatever the situation. Our private detectives will be able to blend into any situation to offer this wonderful service.

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Surveillance - private detectives in Liverpool
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Liverpool Surveillance

Our private investigators recently got a call from a woman seeking the services of a detective agency. She said that we came highly recommended as the finest private detective in Liverpool. The client needed help from a private investigator seeing as she had suspicions regarding her husband. She suspected that her estranged husband left her for another woman and was now living together with her. She wasn't able to find if this was true on her own, so she turned to our team of experienced private detectives to help with her predicament. The client was curious about what was needed in order to conduct such an investigation. Our private investigators assured her that she had come to the right place, and that our highly skilled investigators would definitely be able to help her in a situation like this. Our detective agency has already handled and successfully solved thousands of such cases, and that proved how professional and dedicated our investigators are, which is why we enjoy our reputation as one of the finest detective agencies, not only in Liverpool, but also in the entire UK. It was our reputation, which brought the client to us.

Surveillance in Liverpool

Our private investigators let the client in on the procedure that would be conducted in order to obtain information about her estranged husband. We would perform the investigation during the course of three days, to make sure that we are absolutely certain we got all the evidence need to present to our client. She understood what we had to say, but also wanted to know how much would a private investigation like the one she requested cost. We then presented our terms and conditions to her, as well the costs of the investigation. She agreed to them, and we escorted her out, as we began planning for a possibly long and thorough investigation by our team of private investigators.

Our private investigators put the client's husband under surveillance the next day. From the minute he left work, we were tracing his every move, and his current whereabouts were known and photographed extensively, by our detectives. We followed his car, trying to avoid suspicion, as he ran the usual errands which couldn't yet point us in the direction we were looking for. A couple of hours later, he arrived at what appeared to be his current address, as he checked the mailbox in front of the house. As he moved towards the front door, he was affectionately greeted by a woman that came from inside the house, the nature of the greeting leaving no doubt that they were romantically involved. All of this was captured on video and photographs, with high resolution images which clearly proved it was the client's husband. We repeated the same process during the following two days, with similar results. Our detective agency then arranged a meeting with our client. She came in the next day and our private investigators presented her with undisputable evidence of her estranged husband's infidelity. She was glad that we were able to confirm her suspicions, and she promised to recommend us to anyone who might private detective services in Liverpool.

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