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Liverpool Private Detective GPS vehicle tracking service is second to none. We have the best and highest quality equipment available. It is state of the art which means we can offer the best equipment to our customers, used by the best private detectives Liverpool, UK has on offer.

GPS or Global Positioning System is a space based satellite system that allows anyone with a GPS receiver to access a website where time and location information is stored about the device. This means that a GPS receiver fitted to, let's say, a vehicle will track the times and positions of the vehicle allowing especially our business customers to monitor their fleet vehicles.

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Liverpool Vehicle Tracking

As one of the top private investigation agencies in Liverpool and in the UK, our private investigators get a lot of calls from people regarding various problems, wanting to know if our team could help in solving them in any way. Recently, our agency got a call from a potential client who requested the services of our investigators. She was worried about her young daughters' whereabouts outside their family home. She wanted to know if our private investigator could suggest a method by which she would able to find out what her daughter does when she leaves the house every night, something that was discreet enough so her daughter wouldn't find out about it. Our detectives listened to what our client had to say, and suggested a possible solution. At Private Investigator Liverpool, we take pride in our efficiency and experience, and our client was assured that our private detectives would be able to help her. Private Investigator Liverpool has solved numerous cases similar to the one involving our client's daughter.

Vehicle Tracking in Liverpool

Our client wanted to know how the investigators would go about solving her case and finding her daughter's whereabouts. Our detectives suggested to the client that the best course of action regarding a case like this would be to install a GPS device in her daughter's car to track her movements and subsequently, find out where she goes every night. The client heard our suggestion and was satisfied with the idea. She then asked about the potential costs involved in such an investigation if she were to hire a private detective. Our private detective then presented him with conditions under which the private investigation would be carried out, along with the costs, and our client readily accepted such an arrangement, and asked us how soon our investigator could start with the case. After we told her that we would get on the matter almost immediately, she was glad that she hired us. We could then move on to planning the investigation and carrying out the plan put together by a team of finest private investigators in Liverpool.

After our private detectives put together a plan, they soon started putting it into action. They installed a GPS on the car, and avoided being seen by anyone. The private investigators then waited for our client's daughter to leave the house, so they could start following to see where she was going. She stopped at local Liverpool night club, a topless bar to be exact, and our investigator soon followed her in, and they were able to determine that she worked there as one the dancers. We decided to handle such delicate matter discreetly and called our client for a meeting the next day. She came to Private Investigator Liverpool office and she was shocked at what our detectives were able to dig up during the course of the investigation. Nevertheless, she was grateful that we were able to help her, and she would recommend anyone who was looking to hire a private detective in Liverpool.

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